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We are now selling single seeds


As of January 2017 we are selling some of our most popular cannabis seeds in singles. This mean you'll be able to pick and mix exactly which strains and genetics you would like without having to buy a full packet. We will be expanding the selection of strains and seeds which are available in singles constantly and will be adding new strains every week. At the moment we have picked some of our favourite and most popular weed seeds to be made available in singles, these include the ever popular Blue Cheese, Critical Kush, Amnesia Lemon & Top Dawg from Barney's Farm, Jack Herer, Lemon Skunk, Super Lemon Haze & Kalashnikova from Greenhouse Seed Co.


Single cannabis seeds are available from Natural Selection in our Leeds shop as well as online and via phone orders. Our seed special offers and free UK delivery still apply to single seed orders so you’ll get at least one free seed with every purchase! Our Leeds shop is situated in the city centre, behind the Corn Exchange and there is ample parking nearby, we are open every day including Sunday (10am-5.30pm Mon-Sat, 12-4pm Sunday). If you live elsewhere or can’t make it into town to visit us then you can order over the phone and we will deliver seeds within the UK for free - call us on 0113 3912940.


Natural Selection
7b Crown Street

0113 3912940

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Cookies SF storage jars available now!


Cookies SF is a clothing and smoking accessory brand started by Bay Area rappper and entrepreneur Berner in 2011. Berner wanted to create something unique that would help bridge the gap between street wear, urban lifestyle, marijuana, hip-hop music and a multi-cultural society and subsequently Cookies SF was born. The first products to come from the fledgling California brand were t-shirts and other clothes that were screen-printed in Berner’s garage. Word spread and the brand soon developed a strong following. Next came the Cookies SF range of smoking accessories, the flagship product being the Cookies Jar. These jars were obviously created by a serious smoker as a lot of thought has gone into the product design and features. We became aware of these jars a while ago through Cypress Hill & B-Real and attempted to import some from the states. This proved impossible due to shipping costs and import tariffs so we are really happy to be able to get them in stock at last!


At Natural Selection we strive to find the very best new and exciting smoking and lifestyle products and we pride ourselves on personally testing as many of our products as possible. The Cookies SF storage jars are one of the ranges that we were genuinely excited about stocking and they didn’t disappoint. The design is second to none and in addition they’re reasonably priced! A win-win if ever there was one!
The original large Cookies Jar is made from transparent plastic with three stackable sections. The top compartment has a carry handle and the three sections screw together so you can customise your stack and take as many as you want out and about with you. Each compartment comes with a removable divider which separates the section into two parts so you can carry two separate herbs without mixing them up. The quality of the construction and level of thought put into the design is obvious every time you use this great new product! A jar for the true connoisseur.


The next product in the Cookies range is the small jar. This one comes in black and has three small, stackable compartments.  Again this means you can customise your stack to be as small or large as you need for any occasion. The lid of the top section has a small hole that allows you to clip the stack to your bag or for creating a handle. Each section in the small Cookies jar comes with a removable non-stick silicone insert designed for storing waxes, oils and concentrates. As with the other Cookies jars these are smell proof and air tight and will keep your precious herbs nice and fresh! 



Showing their commitment to designing innovative products that you actually enjoy using Cookies released the tall storage jar. This comes in black and features one small top section with a silicone insert plus a tall bottom section (no insert) that is large enough for your other smoking apparatus such as king size papers and tips. The tall jar is again fully customisable and can be interchanged with the sections from the small jar.


The latest addition to the Cookies range that we stock at Natural Selection is this handy platinum-cured non stick silicone storage jar. It is especially designed for your precious waxes, oils and sticky concentrates. Get one FREE with every oil rig & bong bought from us! The video below is not ours but shows how the large Cookies jar can be used if you're lucky enough to be in a country with relaxed cannabis laws.


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Roor Phuncky Feel Tips - customs back in stock!


It is no secret that we absolutely love the RooR Phuncky Feel Tips at Natural Selection. Since we got them in stock they have been one of our favourite products among customers and staff alike, selling out almost every week for the last few months. The Phuncky Feel Tips are glass roaches (or tips) hand blown by the German glass bong masters, Roor. They are the result of an ongoing collaboration between Roor and hip-hop legends Cypress Hill. According to B-Real (aka Dr. Greenthumb) they were “created to provide avid smokers with a new, refined method and product to better your smoking experience” and who are we to argue with the big man??!!! He has a point as well; we were amazed at how much difference to the overall smoking experience these things make! For the ultimate in taste and smoothness from your roll these have become an essential.


ROOR are renowned for their glass bongs and skills when blowing high quality smoking products for the connoisseur. The Phuncky Feel Tips are hand-blown from the same high quality, heat-resistant and super tough glass that they use in their bongs. The first Phuncky Feel Tips to be released were transparent glass roaches with the Roor logo in rasta colours. They come in sets of three with one round mouth piece and two flattened mouth pieces for a bit of variety. The Phuncky Feel Tips have two notches half-way down to stop any small pieces of material entering your mouth when smoking.
When these were first released, to be honest we weren’t fully convinced so we took a few of them home to test out. Within an hour I was exchanging texts with the rest of the Natural Selection crew about just how good these were! We were all instantly hooked and word got around meaning we sold out of them the very next day.  Since then we have become almost evangelical about spreading the word of the Phuncky Feel tips, it’s no marketing bullshit when B-Real and Roor hook up, they do it proper. We have enjoyed Phuncky Feels on a daily basis since then and it is no exaggeration to claim that they are one of our favourite, most popular and well received products that we have ever stocked. 


After how much we loved the original Phuncky Feels we were very excited to learn that Roor and Cypress Hill  were going to collaborate again on a new creation. When the newest addition to the Phuncky Feel range - the custom tips which are hand-blown coloured glass roaches -  arrived we were not dissapointed. They look as beautiful as you would expect from ROOR and are an absolute delight to smoke with. As they are each individually hand blown the colours and sizes do vary slightly, although they tend to be a bit smaller than the standard Phuncky Feel Tips. We have fallen in love with these at Natural Selection and by the way they have been selling you have too! If you’ve not experienced the pure pleasure of smoking with a Roor Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tips then you really are missing out, check them out online or in store today.


Caring for your Phuncky Feel Tips is easy and they are very tough so should last you a long time. We find that if you rinse them with warm water after each use that keeps them pretty clean. If that’s too much effort as the evening progresses then a pipe cleaner and warm water will do the trick after a few uses. Alternatively you can use bong cleaners, we prefer the types that don’t use alcohol and are biodegradable such as the Black Leaf Bio-Cleaner or the Dr. Green Bong cleaner. The best technique we’ve found for cleaning the tips this way is to put them in a small glass, add some boiling water and a small amount of cleaner. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and then thoroughly rinse them with warm water, careful not to burn yourself! Even if you've neglected them for some time, using this method followed by cleaning through with a pipe cleaner will scrub up the grubbiest of tips to a brand sparkley new finish.


It is no surprise that when two giants of the cannabis and smoking world like Roor and Cypress Hill put their minds together they produce something extraordinary. They are both innovators in their own fields and we thought we would pay tribute to Cypress Hill by putting together a list of some of our favourite tracks from their long back catalogue.
Cypress Hill have always been one of those rare groups who at their height almost everyone seemed to listen to regardless of what music they were into. The self-titled debut is instantly recognisable with a style all of its own, what better place to start than with the track that lends its name to the glass tips, The Phuncky Feel One.


This list could really just be the album Black Sunday in full,we love every track on there and remember it providing the sound track for many a smokeout back in the day!
We struggled to decide what tracks from this album to include so we've gone with "When the shit goes down" for it's funky beat and the classic "Insane in the Brain" - we had to inlcude that one!

This one isn't a Cypress Hill track but it does (briefly) feature B-Real. Any excuse to stick a Dilated Peoples track on had to be taken!

Cypress Hill and B-Real have always had a close affinity to metal music and with their album "Skull & Bones" they split the record into two, the first side being a hip-hop record with the second being a much more rock driven, rap-metal style. They are also one of the few groups to ever make "rap-metal" sound good!

Last but not least is Cypress Hill's ode to the herb featuring B-Real's alter ego Dr. Greenthumb!

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Sesh - handmade skateboard ashtrays


We love SESH!

We like nothing better than sourcing the best quality smoking products from all over the world so we were over the moon when we found these beauties from SESH, made practically around the corner from us. From humble beginnings in a small kitchen in Huddersfield somewhere around 2012 this company has gone from strength to strength, now offering a wide range of products including these great ashtrays.

Like all their products these are made from recycled skateboards which, once ridden to skateboard heaven by their owners are salvaged by the people over at SESH who rescue the wood to hand carve jewellery, accessories, and now ashtrays. Bringing together our love of skateboarding and our love of stylish, high quality smoking accessories as well as being handmade right here in Yorkshire, this is by far our favourite product we’ve taken home recently. So much so, it gets carried around from room to room.


Here is boss man pretending he can skate with a slappy noseslide 9000ft up a mountain in India!

If you’ve ever skated or known anyone else who has, you’ll know how attached people get to their decks. It can be the most loved and the most hated possession, often flitting between the two at each attempt of a new trick. For every skater, their deck has been with them throughout their victories and by their side (or thrown in a corner) through their defeats. It embodies freedom, pleasure, pain and torment. It contains a little bit of their heart and their soul whilst they use it to throw everything they’ve got at that gap, that ramp, that kerb, that flat bank. As with many things, it gets to the point where it’s been used and abused until it simply can’t give any more and a shiny new (or at least usable) replacement is required.


And so shaped by its former owner, whether by traipsing with them around the world or being hidden, unloved, collecting dust in a corner until it gets rescued by the folks at SESH, it then gets shaped into something shiny and new once more, each piece unique, with its own story… smooth grooves and a deep enough well to last out the night. We love SESH and so will you.




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T.H Seeds, DInafem & Humboldt Seeds new strains and offers!


Natural Selection has a quest to bring you the best selection of rare and collectable seeds from the best breeders and seed banks in the world. This week we have added loads of new strains from three seed banks; T.H Seeds, Humboldt Seed Organisation and Dinafem. We are also running several new free seed offers for T.H Seeds and Dinafem.


We now stock a great selection of seeds from T.H Seeds, one of the oldest and most reputable seed banks in the world. T.H Seeds were one of the first seed banks to bring genetics from the states to Europe and are responsible for some landmark strains. They were formed in 1993 and continue to produce amazing new genetics to this day. We are a big fan of T.H Seeds at Natural Selection and we are running a great special offer, get 2 free feminised Bubble Gum seeds with every pack. You'll also receive the usual free feminised Lemon Kush seeds and free delivery that you get with every seed order from us.


In addition to T.H Seeds we have another new selection of seeds in stock from Humboldt Seed Organisation. As the name suggests these guys hail from the well known breeding hot spot of Humboldt, California. They specalise in US genetics and even have a collaboration strain with B-Real of Cypress Hill fame. Their seeds are beautifully packaged in a wooden box that has the strain information laser cut into the wood. The collection of strains available from us represents some of the best US genetics of recent times with some great kush and diesel strains as well as the legendary Blue Dream.


The third seed bank we have added this week is DInafem seeds. These guys are based in Spain and have many years of breeding experience. Dinafem specialise in high quality feminised cannabis seeds with classic Dutch strains such as White Widow rubbing shoulders with more modern gentics such as OG Kush and UK Cheese. For a limited time you will get a free feminised seeds with every pack of 5 Dinafem seeds you buy from us. As always, delivery is free within the UK and you still get the free seeds you get from us normally.




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Daily Smoking Essentials


With over a decade of experience in the “hed” and smoking shop world plus many more years of toking we have comes across some products that have blown us away and just never seem to be improved upon. We have decided to put together a list of the best and most essential smoking tools, accessories, grinders, and bongs that we have personally used, tested and enjoyed for years. These are the things that we couldn’t do without, the smoking essentials that we use every day at Natural Selection.

Space_Case_Grinder .

Space Grinders are the best in the world. They are made from high grade titanium and are machined to the highest specifications. We have used and treasured our titanium crystal catcher for over 7 years now and it still performs better than most other grinders will brand new. We love our Space Case and couldn’t do without it. They are great to use, grinding herbs efficiently with their sharp, long-lasting teeth. They are made in the USA and you can tell that every single grinder is produced with love and care that you will notice with every use.


Next on our list of smoking essentials is the Wolf Box Deluxe T4. This is a lovingly crafted rolling box, made in Germany with high quality wood and great attention to detail. There are so many wonderful features that make this box an absolute essential. We have used ours daily for over 9 years and it is still going strong! One feature that we love about this rolling box is the two-part removable herb sifter meaning you can collect even more of those precious crystals. The general build quality of the Deluxe Wolf Boxes is amazing and they’ve really thought about what a daily smoker needs. The large removable section at the back perfectly fits the large titanium space case and is big enough for nearly all crystal catching grinders. There are extra compartments for papers, tips, and all your other smoking essentials and it is also lockable. 


The Phuncky Feel Tips are a collaboration between German Glass Bong masters Roor and hip-hop legends Cypress Hill. We can’t stress enough how much we love these at Natural Selection. At first we saw them as a bit of a superfluous “bling” or a gimmick but God we were wrong! The Phuncky Feel Tips really do provide an unrivalled smoking experience. The difference between rolling with a normal card roach and one of these glass ones is instantly noticeable in the taste, smoothness and overall quality of the smoke.


It is no secret that Roor are one of the most respected glass blowers in the world and produce what are consistently rated as the best bongs ever made. For a daily bong the Roor 500 has been our choice for years now. Its simple design belies the attention to detail and thought gone into the design and construction of this bong. It is a joy to smoke through, looks the business and is also easy to clean and maintain.


An absolute necessity for the daily smoker is a good storage solution for your favourite herbs. As you know at Natural Selection we are a fan of quality glass products and this extends to the storage jars we use every day. 420 Science Jars are our usual stash jar of choice and they are great for curing and storing your herbs. They are air tight, made from tough glass in the USA and come with various cool designs. Keep your precious herbs fresh with a glass jar from 420 Science.


We use all the products above on a daily basis and can personally vouch for their quality. Not only are these products our favourites that we use all the time but we haven’t found any that have improved upon them. We use them for a reason; they’re the best!

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Free seeds and delivery!


Order seeds from us and get free delivery as well as free seeds! With every cannabis seed order from Natural Selection you will get free seeds, ususally this will be feminised Lemon Kush but will depend on what we have in stock.
We will always try and match the free seeds to your order so for example if you order autos we will try and give you autos free.
As well as free seeds, all seed orders come with free delivery in the UK. We send our seeds in original breeder’s packaging (unless requested otherwise) in a safe and stealthy manner. All seeds are posted with Royal Mail, using their 1st Class Signed For service. Delivery time is 2-7 days (usually 2-3) and the package will require a signature upon delivery. The amount of free seeds you get depends on the order, the more you buy the more we’ll give you for nowt!

Please note – if you order seeds along with another product (eg. a glass bong) you will be charged delivery for the other product.


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Cannabis Cup Winner 2014 Cookies Kush feminised seeds available now


Girl Scout Cookies has very quickly gained  a lot of hype and a huge reputation in the cannabis world for its unique taste and aroma. Barney’s Farm won the 2014 cannabis cup with their Cookie Kush creation and the feminised seeds have finally been released. Barney’s project started with an outstanding Girl Scout Cookies phenotype crossed with a powerful OG KUSH (pheno Rolex)
The F1 generation truly motivated the team at Barney’s with everyone getting on board in agreeing the path to take with the breeding. Their goal  was to achieve the best balance between the very finest OG KUSH and the best attributes of the Girl Scout Cookies; the great OG Kush quality to merge with that powerful mint chocolate/early morning bakery smell and taste of the Girl Scout Cookies.
The final winning selection - Cookies Kush: Is all we dreamed it would be. We now have Cookies Kush feminised cannabis seeds available to buy online and in our Leeds shop.

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Roor glass stuff is now available online

We have been a big supporter and user of Roor products at Natural Selection for a long time now. Roor have a well won reputation as one of the best bong and glass product manufacturers in the world and when you use one of their creations you will immediately know why.

Roor was founded by Martin Birzle in 1995 and lives by the same philosophy of fine quality craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail to this day. Roor produce some of the finest glass products in the world and are striving for constant innovation. In their workshops the highest level of workmanship and materials is combined with decades of craftmanship experience to create a truly premium smoking experience.

As well as some of the finest and most beautiful bongs in the world Roor also produce some of the greatest smoking accessories ever. Our favourites by a long way are the Phuncky Feel Glass Tips. These glass roaches are an exclusive collaboration with hip-hop legends Cypress Hill and have become a favourite among both staff and customers alike at Natural Selection.

We are very proud to stock and use the amazing stuff that Roor creates and we are sure you will be too.


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Website redesign and new products

Welcome to the new Natural Selection website!
Over the last few weeks we have been giving the site a fresh lick of digital paint and a new layout. Hopefully this will make the website both
easier to use and easier on the eye.
It’s not just been about looks though; we have been adding loads of new products to the website. You can now buy more of the high quality products we stock in our Leeds shop online as well as in-store. To our range of cannabis seeds we have added glass bongs, oil rigs and tools, grinders, jars and rolling boxes. More product lines will be going online in the next few weeks and we will be constantly updating the site with the coolest new seeds, glass products and quality smoking gear.

Hope you enjoy the new website, let us know what you think!


Oil Rigs and Tools

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