How much is delivery to the UK?

For seed orders only delivery to anywhere in the UK is FREE. We don't charge for standard delivery for seeds within the UK so the price you see listed online is the price that you pay. For bongs, pipes and all other products that are not included in the free delivery prices vary depending on weight and size, it will display the price in your shopping basket before your order is completed. We send all bongs etc. by Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For service.


Can I arrange a specific time for my delivery?

Unfortunately we cannot make special arrangement for delivery times. If you would like your order to be delivered at a specific time then ring us and we can add a note on the delivery but this depends on how nice the postie is feeling!


What shows on my card statement?

When you make an order through this site you will be forwarded to Paypal to make a payment. (You don't need a Paypal account in order to do this). The Paypal page that payments are made to is called "Dubhut". This is our clothing company and for your securuity and privacy all payments through Paypal will list "Dubhut" as the recipiant and will NOT show Natural Selection.

Can I pay without using my debit/credit card?
It is possible to pay without using a card although it is normally less secure and safe. Give us a ring on 0113 3912940 if you would like to do this and we can discuss the best options


How do I cancel/return my order?

If you have already processed your order online and given payment then cancellation can be organised by ringing us on 0113 3912940 / 07704275891. Please do this as quickly as possible to prevent any unwanted items being posted out. 

Natural Selection gives customers a "cooling off" period of seven day from receipt of the order in which to return any unwanted products.

If you would like to return an unwanted purchase within seven days of receipt then please ring us on 0113 3912940 / 07704275891, the cost of returning the product is the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise agreed in advance. We will only accept returns that are in the unopened original packaging with no damage to the product or packaging. Please make sure you ring or email Natural Selection before returning any products so that we know what is going on.


Can I pay online and then collect in store?

If you would like to collect your purchase from Natural Selection in Leeds rather than have it delivered then please ring us on 0113 3912940 or 07704275891 to pay over the phone using our secure in-store PDQ machine.


Why don’t you stock (insert strain here) or (insert seedbank)?

The selection of seeds available on our site represent both the most popular and what we regard as the best souvenir seeds available. We do not try and stock all of the myriad of different strains and seed banks available today although we can get them for you. There are several reasons for this, the main reason is that we like to ensure that the seeds you get from us are as fresh as possible. This means instead of stocking every single strain and seedbank we just stock the best and most popular. A full list of the seedbanks we get hold of for you is available, just drop us an email. This ensures that if you want a different strain you can be safe in the knowledge that they will not have been sat in our fridge for months waiting to be sold. If you would like to order a strain that is not shown on this site (including from a seedbank not listed on the site) please give us a ring . It will normally not take much longer than usual for you to receive your order.


How do you store your seeds and for how long?

We store all our seeds in sealed plastic bags in a refrigerator. Temperature and humidity fluctuations are the biggest danger to the viability of seeds and this is the best way to ensure that seeds are kept viable for future generations and for when (or if!) the law changes. This storage method also minimises the light exposure to seeds and keeps the humidity as constant as possible. We will never sell seeds that have been in our fridge for more than six months. This is another reason why we only keep certain strains in stock all the time.


Do you ship seeds on the original breeder’s packs?
We will never remove seeds from their original packets unless you request us to do so. If you would like us to do this then please ring us and either place your order over the phone or place your order online and ring us ASAP after the order has been processed. We ship all orders in a discreet and subtle manner if you have any special requests for how you would like your seeds packaged please get in touch.


Do I get a free gift with my order?
Most orders will get a free gift thrown in as a show of thanks for purchasing from Natural Selection. What you receive will depend on what we have in stock at any given time and the amount you have ordered. We will try to match the free gift as closely as possible to your order so for example we will try and give you free Auto seeds if that is what you ordered.


How do I know that you are a legitimate business?

The easiest way to confirm we are a legitimate business is to ring us and have a chat! We will never make you speak to an automated phone system or menu and you can normally speak directly to the owner. You can also come and see us in our shop in Leeds and see that we are definitely a legitimate business. We take customer service and confidence very seriously and our business would not last very long if we didn’t.